Whatever you are trying to communicate, Nick brings years of insight and experience to enable you to create content which will differentiate your brand and win followers. There are a number of different ways to engage:


  1. A presentation for your team. This could include any aspect of the content strategy and production process. We could also look at what the future holds for content producing businesses.

  2. Communications strategy project work. Follow Nick’s proprietary content strategy and planning process to create a plan for the next 12, 18 or 36 months.

  3. Creative consultancy/direction. Ongoing support to enable you to achieve your content goals. Whether it is oversight of your process or feedback on elements within the process.
















Improve & Achieve




Let’s understand exactly what your objectives are. What are you trying to achieve? What change needs to occur to accomplish that? Who needs to make that change or take that action?



Who are you? What have you done before? Who are your audience? What do they think of you? What do they believe in or value? What do you do as a business – why do you exist? What is your business purpose? How is that currently communicated? Here we look for all the answers we need to make sure we have a strong foundation on which to build the rest of your strategy. Strong foundations make for resilient and effective outcomes.




Failing to plan is planning to fail – so said someone who really knew what they were taking about. Having a cohesive content plan will ensure that you get the most out of your spend. It also gives you a platform from which to build future success.



What do you already have that can be used more efficiently? Is all of your content on all of your owned platforms? Do you have past material that can be repurposed, reused or reshared? Before we start creating, let’s make sure that you are using what you already have as effectively as you can? Are you optimising the assets that you already own? (hint: you’re not)




What is the right platform for your project? How can the plan work across owned and paid media to earn you the maximum return from earned media? How can we optimise your content to get the most from your investment?




How can we map the desired change or action you are trying to generate onto your target audience? What stories can we find and tell in ways that will be remembered and acted on by your audience? Great films are defined by great ideas. A great idea can be produced with a team of 100 or an iPhone – they transcend the production methods used to give them life. Find the right idea and the rest of the process (almost) takes care of itself. Let’s find the idea which will make action happen.




Whatever the idea you need to get it make efficiently, skilfully and effectively. New technology has democratised the production process, putting the power of traditional television production studios in the palms of our hands. This has raised the bar on the quality of creative messaging that you need to produce in order to cut through to your audience. Let’s make sure the creative idea is translated effectively.




How does the platform strategy affect the types and lengths of content that you need? How can we use all the assets created to maximum effect. What reedits can we share? Can we strip the audio and create a podcast? Can you pull stills to share on Instagram?



You need to get your content seen. Where are your audience and how do we reach them? What platforms are they on? What influencers do they look up to? What publishers do they access? Are they even online? Sometimes it helps to get creative – could we mount an iPad in a frequently used area? Is the metadata for all of your content correct and intuitive? Has it been shared across all the potential media channels?



How can we use paid media judiciously to maximise the views of your content by exactly the right people. Can we follow up a with a pre-roll ad on YouTube? How can we precisely target your audience to maximise the return on your promotional spend?




Data is essential to optimising content online. What worked and what needs improvement? Continual iterative improvement is essential for creating the most effective content possible.

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